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Parameterised tests that don't suck

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Parameterised tests that don't suck


  @Parameters({"17, false", 
               "22, true" })
  public void personIsAdult(int age, boolean valid) throws Exception {
    assertThat(new Person(age).isAdult(), is(valid));


JUnitParams project adds a new runner to JUnit and provides much easier and readable parametrised tests for JUnit >=4.6.

Main differences to standard JUnit Parametrised runner:


JUnitParams is available as Maven artifact:


If you want to see just one simple test class with all main ways to use JUnitParams see here:

You can also have a look at Wiki:Quickstart

Integration with Spring Framework

Since spring version 4.2 it is possible to integrate JUnitParams and spring. More about this here.


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